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Automatic Mains Failure Panel

"Seamless Power Continuity, Every Time."

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An AMF panel, or Automatic Mains Failure panel, is an electrical control panel used to automatically switch between the primary electrical power source (often the mains or grid power) and an alternate power source (such as a backup generator) in the event of a mains power failure. AMF panels are commonly used in settings where uninterrupted power supply is critical, such as hospitals, data centers, industrial facilities, and large commercial buildings.

Key features and functions of an AMF panel include:

  1. Automatic Switching: The AMF panel is equipped with a transfer switch that automatically detects when the mains power supply fails. Upon detecting a power outage, it swiftly switches the load to the backup power source (usually a generator) to maintain continuity of electrical supply.

  2. Monitoring: AMF panels continuously monitor the status of the mains power supply. When power is restored, the panel will automatically transfer the load back to the mains supply and shut down the backup generator.

  3. Control and Safety: These panels often include control and protection features such as circuit breakers, relays, and safety interlocks to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical system.

  4. Remote Operation: Some AMF panels can be operated remotely, allowing for monitoring and control from a central location.

  5. Alarms and Notifications: AMF panels may be equipped with alarms and notifications to alert operators or maintenance personnel of power source changes and other critical events.

  6. Customization: They can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the facility, including the capacity and type of backup power source.

  7. Seamless Transition: The goal of an AMF panel is to ensure a seamless transition from mains power to backup power without interruption, ensuring that essential equipment and systems continue to operate during power outages.